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zoom g3x review

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For amateur and professional guitarists alike, they need a device which would enable them to create versatile sounds on their musical instrument both in the recording studio and while performing live on stage. This is now possible with the Zoom G3X.

What is Zoom G3X?

The Zoom G3X came hot in the heels of last year’s Zoom G3 which was a hit among guitarists because of its three modules which features 100 effects patches. You can activate or bypass a patch with just the flick of a footswitch. However, to have full control over the effects with your foot, you still need to purchase a separate expression pedal.

Zoom G3X boasts the same features that made the G3 popular with several great additions and improvements.

For one, you have three stomp box style panels which will allow you to use and edit up to six effects models (out of the 94 stomp box effects types that have been programmed into the device) and your selected amp model (of which there are 22 amp models) simultaneously.

Thirteen of these amp models are considered among the best in the world music business, with 9 new amps added for a more realistic harmonious sound. The device can be adjusted using knobs or footswitches. For even greater convenience, a scroll function has been added so that you can conveniently edit guitar tracks on the three screens. In addition, the new sigmoid curve clipper allows for the simulation of amp sounds to create tones that are the same as the original song.

Like its predecessor, the G3X has over 100 versatile built-in DSP effects, which will allow you to create a wide variety of sounds. These effects can be produced through its compression and wah pedals. You can also produce chorus effects with impressive dynamics, depth and resonating reverbs. It will also help improve how your guitar playing sounds with tremolos, harmonic pitch shifters, dynamic flangers, and reverse and multi-tap delays.

Having problems keeping your rhythm while playing your guitar? The Zoom G3X has a built-in drum machine, with 40 programmed rhythm patterns, such as the 8, 8, 16-beat, shuffle, and many more.

Unlike the previous G3 model, the G3X now includes a sonic expression pedal. You can easily recreate the “wah wah” sound that is characteristic of the guitar playing of such legends as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Not only that, you can also control the rate of modulation and mix levels of reverb and delay effects as you play your guitar, aside from the traditional pedal functions like volume control and pitch shifts.

One addition that guitarists love to point about the G3X is the looper, which has now been extended to 40 seconds, thus enabling them to create even better sounds. There is also the convenient treadle which gives the guitarist quick access to the pitch shifting and dynamic controls for that “wah” sound. Finally, for those who are computer savvy, you have a USB audio interface for DAW recording. It can also run on USB bus power when plugged into a computer.

Learn more about the Zoom G3X today and see if it can help improve the sounds you produce on your guitar!

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