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How to play Ben Harper

how to play please bleedBen Harper was influenced by music ever since his childhood and it’s no wonder all his compositions including the well known Please Bleed hit the right note with the audience as well. The American singer and song writer spent most of his days in a music store run by his grandparents.

Because of his association with the store, Harper met many famous musicians of the era who visited the store regularly. His stint in the musical background helped him learn everything right from blues, reggae, blues, folk and soul. The musician is known for his powerful lyrics and his adept guitar playing skills.

How to play “Bleed”

The Chords to Play Please Bleed

The chords used to play Please Bleed by Ben Harper begins with an Am Open. It continues with C Open, D Open, Dsus4 Open and Em Open. The step by step easy to learn guide will help every aspirant to easily learn the song in its natural flow.

Why Please Bleed is an Excellent Song to Learn?

  • The lyrics are extremely captivating and is one of the best from Ben Harper.
  • The song has an impressive guitar solo making it ideal for guitarists to hone their skills.
  • It is a soulful composition with an upbeat rhythm.

How Please Bleed is Classified as Medium on Guitar?

Please Bleed by Ben Harper features one of the best guitar solo performed by the singer songwriter. The song’s lyrics are instantly captivating and will offer enough challenging notes for any intermediate player. A cut down version makes it easy to learn while the included riff and soulful chorus will instantly woo the audience.

An Overview About Please Bleed and Ben Harper

Ben Harper is well known for his guitar skills and is a popular American musician. He spent most of his childhood in the Fold Music Center and Museum owned by his grandparents. The young boy had his stint at an age of 12 with Taj Mahal and later worked on the album Fight your Mind when he grew up. Innocent Criminals was the band he was first associated with for the album The Will to Live.

Harper is a popular personality in USA and is a two time Grammy Award winner for his soulful songs. He also won the Best Pop Instrumental Performance and Best Traditional Soul Gospel album in 2005.

The Album Please Bleed Came From

Burn to Shine is the album that houses Please Bleed released in 1999. The album took nearly six months to record which is the longest time spent by Harper for a single release. It explores meditation, love and spirituality subjects. The album has performance by Tyrone Downie, David Lindley and guitarist Al Anderson.

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