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oasis how to play guitar

learn to play oasis dont look back in angerThere is no other song from Oasis that really says they are a Beatles fan that this song – Don’t Look Back in Anger. It’s very obvious from the first time I heard the intro part that it is the same Imagine intro from John Lennon. Another tribute to the great John Lennon is the line from the song – “So I start a revolution from my bed”



Album "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" by Oasis
Album: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?
Released: 1995
# 55 in the United States
# 1 in the UK Charts

The intro starts of with C major and followed by the F major chord, just like Imagine.

How to Play Don’t Look Back In Anger

The intro part is pretty easy really. Originally played on a piano, this guitar transcription tablature is for a guitar.

It will be an alternate picking on notes C-E and D (C major chord). That’s 3rd fret on 5th string, 2nd fret on 4rth string and an open D string. After that is the C note on that 3rd fret 5th string. Do it for one bar.

The second bar is for F major chord. The difference is the bass note is still C, not an F.

The Guitar Riff

dont look back in anger riffThe guitar riff is played at the end of beats of each bar.

The first riff is played over the F major chord. In the C chord form, you pluck the C root note, followed by the E note. Next is to hammer the E note on D string to the 3rd string (F note) followed by the open G string.

The second riff is played over the second F major chord.  With the first finger (index) of the left hand barring 2 strings (string D and G) on the 5th fret, you hammer the D string from 5th to 7th fret and back again to the 5th fret of D and G string. It is then followed by two open D string, and E note (2nd fret) and a pull off to the open D string again followed by open G.

Give it a try. You can refer to the video above. It will help.

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