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pink floyd

how to play wish you were here

Wish You Were Here” is the first Pink Floyd song that we will cover here on riffriff.com.

This is mostly acoustic song and I am sure many readers of this blog will find this very enjoyable to play.

This is actually and easy one to play, you just need to pay particular attention to the bass runs.

This English band was well known for their striking album art and lyrics that are rich in philosophical messages.

The band has performed many live shows and has a brief history, as they were founded as early as 1965.

London underground music scene was the birthplace of the band. The band holds the record for winning the Grammy awards, Polar Music Prize and BAFTAs multiple times.

They are also part of the Rock and Roll hall of fame since 1996. Pink Floyd was featured in UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

This was a rare case of the Pink Floyd primary songwriters Roger Waters and David Gilmour mutually collaborating on a song – they rarely wrote together.

Gilmour had the opening riff written and was playing it in the studio at a fast pace when Roger Waters heard it and asked him to play it slower. The song built from there, with the pair writing the music for the chorus and verses together, and Waters adding the lyrics.

The rock band Pink Floyd composes songs on the English Progressive music genre. Throughout their time, they made a mark with excellent experimental music, cutting edge style and memorable tunes. The band is renowned for their mind exploring and thought provoking lyrics with appropriate music, which earned them critical acclaim worldwide.

One of the best songs in their composition, Wish You Were Here is a desirable number for every guitarist. The band is best known for their numerous awards and their composition continues to inspire musicians around the globe. They have sold over 200 million albums and had broken multiple records.

The Chords for Wish You Were Here

The main chords for the song begins with open A major, Am and continues with open C major,  D major, Em , and G major. The step by step guide will help you know more about the songs chords and play them the right way.

What Makes Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd a notable composition?

Besides their various songs, it continues to be the most notable of them all and widely loved.
A deeper dimension to the composition is rendered by a great riff addition. The lyrics are dark yet highly creative, making them memorable.

Why is it Classified as Medium and a great Pink Floyd song to learn?

Most budding guitarists look forward to learn  Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd because its highly appropriate for guitar solo. The tune is mellifluous yet easy to learn but there are few complex parts which classifies the song under Medium category.

Guitarists learn strumming and picking which is mandatory to play other tunes in the future.  Wish You Were Here allows you to learn these techniques. Listen to the original song before you begin practicing it on your guitar.

History of Wish You Were Here and the Album

The song Wish You Were Here is a title track of the album Wish You Were Here which was originally released in 1975. It has strong reference to Syd Barrett who used to be a member of the band and features lyrics inspired by Roger Waters’ lonely emotions.

The album was a great hit and met with mixed reviews from critics. Its theme is largely based on Syd’s mental decline, the music industry and feeling all alone.

Album: Wish You Were Here
Released: 1975
UK – 68
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