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bon jovi

wanted dead or alive guitar tabRevolutionizing music since 1980s, Bon Jovi is a popular band among audience worldwide and has multiple hit numbers to their list. The band originally hails from Sayreville in New Jersey and even though they released their albums earlier, the third one Slippery When Wet shot them to worldwide fame.

It was officially released in 1986 and the band continued on a great run until 1990. Two years later, Bon Jovi released the album Keep the Faith but the group fell into another hiatus for next eight years until they made a mark in 2000 with It’s My Life.

The single song paved way for them to gain recognition among the 21st century generation and in 2010 they got nominated to join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bon Jovi is in the UK Music Hall of Fame since 2006 and has also won the Award of Merit honoured by the American Music Awards in 2004.

The Wanted Dead or Alive music lessons will teach you to play the song in easy step by step manner.

Wanted Dead or Alive By Bon Jovi – A Brief Overview

Wanted Dead or Alive belongs to the third album by Bon Jovi titled Slippery When Wet which was originally released in 1986. The band has sold over 130 million records around the globe. The song was written by Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi. It is heavily inspired by a rockstar’s life where they ride into a town to steal money, play with girls, booze and make their way out before the sun shows up.

The album holds the special position of being #1 in Billboard 200 for a solid eight weeks and sold over 28 million copies worldwide. Bon Jovi made to the U.S. number one with this album and stayed in the top 5 for consecutive 28 weeks.

How to Play Wanted Dead or Alive

The Western descending intro line is an exceptionally challenging yet fully rewarding experience to learn.

It tests the skill set of intermediate and expert guitarists while beginners will find the lead break a great practice option.

The song is termed as Medium considering the challenging intro and other vocal aspects integrated into it by Bon Jovi.

The Chords to Play Wanted Dead or Alive

These are the chords used to play the song beginning with C major, D major  and moves to Dsus2, F6 and ends with G major. The song has been split in parts to give you a clear idea when learning to play.

Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi

D                   C                 G   
It's all the same , only the names will change
C         G       F                  D  
And ev'ry day , it seems we're wasting away
D               C                      G
Another place , where the faces are so cold
C             G            F           D
I'd drive all night , just to get back home

C        G        F               D                    
I'm a cowboy , on a steel horse I ride
C         G  F       D 
I'm wanted , dead or alive
C     G  F       D
Wanted , dead or alive

D                   C                   G 
Sometimes I sleep , sometimes is not for days
C             G           F                  D
and people I meet , always go their separate ways
D                            C                     G
Sometimes you tell the day , by the bottle that you drink
C                    G           F             D
And times when you´r alone , and all you do is think

C        G        F               D                    
I'm a cowboy , on a steel horse I ride
C         G  F       D 
I'm wanted , dead or alive
C     G  F       D
Wanted , dead or alive


C                    G        F              D 
Ooooh and I'm a cowboy , on a street horse I ride
C                     F       D  
I'm wanted (wanted) , dead or alive

D                          C                        G  
And I walk these streets , a loaded six string on my back
C             G          F                   D
I play for keeps , 'cause I might not make it back
D                    C                 G
I been ev'ry where , still I'm standig tall
C                  G           F              D  
I've seen a milion faces , and I've rock them all

C                 G        F             D
'Cause I'm a cowboy , on a steel horse I ride
C         G           F       D     
I'm wanted (wanted) , dead or alive
C               G             F           D
Well I'm a cowboy , I got the night on my side
C          G          F       D  
I'm Wanted (wanted) , dead or alive
C       G       C       G
Dead or Alive , Dead or alive
C       G        F         D
Dead or alive ,I still ride  (still ride)
C       G       C       G
Dead or alive , Dead or alive
C       G       C       G
Dead or alive , dead or alive
C       G 
Dead or alive , Dead or alive ...........

The key feature that helps the song apart is its lyrics that depicts the life of a rockstar and compares how similar it is to an outlaw’s lifestyle. The song is one of Bon Jovi’s best numbers and is known worldwide.


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