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How to play Ben Harper

steal my kisses guitar tabsCollege airplay was the first platform which paved way for the immense popularity that Steal My Kisses gained among audience.

The song was originally written by Ben Harper and it held the prestigious position of US Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks in the year 2000. Innocent Criminals was the band with which he started off with and continues to do so till now.

Harper enjoyed an early exposure to the music industry and he continued to be a songwriter just like Johnny Cash, musician gaining immense recognition in the industry. During his early days, he spent most of his time in a music store ran by his grandparents. The place gave him the opportunity to meet multiple musicians and notable composers during his early teens.

On this post, we will try and learn the recognizable parts of the song on the guitar. Check it out! Please watch the video above.

How to play “Steal My Kisses”

Guitar Chords to Play Steal My Kisses

The main chords used in the song are varied and gives a good challenge to the learner. The chord starts off with C (power) and the other chords are C#/Db (power), D (power), F (power), F#/Gb Root (power) and G .

Steal My Kisses uses all these major chords and can be learned by using the relatively easy to learn guide provided in this post.

What Drives Steal My Kisses To Be A Superb Song?

The fun upbeat sound and composition makes the song stand apart.
Ben Harper shot to fame with this number. It is still one of the most popular songs in his career.
The song has memorable verse that will easily attract audience and feel good tones.

Difficulty: Steal My Kisses

Steal My Kisses is memorable and entertaining to learn for intermediate guitarists. The song is Harper’s exceptional experimentation with strumming rhythms and exposes his unique style, which suits medium level guitar players. The beat boxing combined in the song makes it more fun.

The Story Of Ben Harper and Steal My Kisses

Ben Harper met profound musicians like Leonard Cohen, Taj Mahal and David Lindley at an early age, in the Fold Music Center and Museum. His first stint was at age 12 and Taj Mahal gave him the first break by inviting him on his musical tour. Fight Your Mind was one of Harper’s albums. He has won two Grammy Awards and also the Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

Burn to Shine is the album which has the song Steal My Kisses released in 1999. Ben Harper was associated with the Innocent Criminals band during this release. It includes soul, folk, rock and other genre songs with region specific versions. Harper wrote all the songs in this album.

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