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Sublime Santeria

how to play santeriaThe ska-punk band Sublime attained considerable success and gained popularity outside of LA with their first song Date Rape from their first album. The trial continued with their second album while the song Santeria belongs to their last composition that gained them immense popularity.

This is a song which belongs to their only album that was produced by a major label. It follows the revenge-filled emotions of a boyfriend who’s jealous of her ex-girlfriend and how he lost her to another man.

How to play “Santeria”

Critics praised the song for its natural lyrics and the memorable tune that helped the band grow. The lesson is designed to help guitarists play it with perfection.

Album "Sublime" by Sublime
Album: Sublime
Released: 1996

Guitar Chords to Play Santeria

The chords can be split into different parts for easy learning. The song comprises of A Root6 (power), B Root6 (power), C#/Db Root5 (power), E Root5 (power) and G#/Ab Root6 (power) as an end note.

You can learn to play Santeria by Sublime with a guitar by using this easy to use guide.

What Makes Santeria a Great Song to Learn?

The song oozes the emotions of a young generation supported by edgy lyrics. It has an upbeat tune that inspires every listener and has captivating composition. The song easily introduces the guitarist to the new ska-punk sound.

Difficulty: Santeria By Sublime

Santeria is classified under the medium category for the challenging chords used in the middle and the genre of the song, which can sound new to upcoming guitarists. It is a great choice to learn because of the riveting solo in the middle and the accompanying reggae still strum. The melodic rhythm is an ideal choice for intermediate learners to hone their skills and add a great song to their repertoire. Listen to the original song before beginning to learn.

Sublime was formed by Bradley Nowell in 1988. The group included Nowell, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson. 40oz. To Freedom was the band’s first album which opened to rave reviews in 1992. Skunk records promoted this album.

Date Rape, the second album song lead to the band’s success but it was their third album that shot them to unprecedented fame. KROQ rock station radio air played Date Rape in 1995.

The ska-punk band’s third album is Sublime which follows the name of the original band. Sadly, it was their last album as well which witnessed enormous success but the band broke up when their lead singer Bardley Nowell died. The album mixes dub, ska and reggae bringing out their best one last time.

The step by step instructions will make it easy to learn Santeria, a memorable final song by Sublime.

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