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how to play metallica

how to play nothing else matters guitar tabThe song Nothing Else Matters by Metallica is a significant composition by the band. It marked the change of an era when the group bid goodbye to their metal thrash sounds and adopted a completely new commercial metal. The song was an instant hit which reached number 11 in Billboard and enjoyed the top ten places in many European countries.

Leader singer James Hetfield playfully wrote the lyrics to woo his girlfriend but when his band mate Lars Ulrich read it, he was sure that this should be turned into an actual song. Metallica band fans was initially not so happy but later adopted to the new sound.

Guitar Chords for Nothing Else Matters

The main chords used in the song are as follows. They include and is composed of G open, A open, B Root5 (power), B Root6 (power), C open, C Root5 (power), D open, D Root5 (power) and Em open. A simple step by step guide will help new musicians learn the chords easily.

Why Nothing Else Matters by Metallica Is A Superb Song?

It’s one of the best classic metallica songs with excellent, memorable lyrics.
The song belongs to the heavy rocking category.
The guitar part is exceptionally well done and is ideal for aspiring guitarists.

What Classifies Nothing Else Matters by Metallica as Hard?

Nothing Else Matters composed by Metallica features some of the complex guitar strings and chords to play. The song is best suited for advanced guitarists who had learned the rope and looks forward to test their skills. It’s best played on acoustic or electric guitar. The song is classified as hard because it requires techniques including hammer ons, pull-offs besides slides, bends as well as arpeggios.

Who Is Metallica

Metallica is a heavy metal band found in 1981 and is based in Los Angeles. Lars Ulrich formed the group with James Hetfield after which Kirk Hammet joined them as the lead guitarist. The band is one among the four top metal players with their fast tempo compositions and excellent instrumentals. Metallica has done nine studio albums besides three live albums and has won the Grammy awards for nine times during their stint.

The Album That Has Nothin Else Matters In It

Nothing Else Matters comes from the album named Metallica which is also known as the Black Album. It was released in 1991 and has been sold more than 22 million copies around the globe. The song was in number one position for four weeks in Billboard and the album also had Enter Sandman, Unforgiven and Sad But True among other hit songs included in it.

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