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how to play light my fireHow to Play Light My Fire

how to play light my fireAn American band The Doors composed the song Light My Fire which is heavily influenced by the rock movement of the 1960s. The band wasn’t so popular until this song hit the charts and its phenomenal success shot them to great fame within a short time.

In Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time, this song is in the number 35 position. It attained its fame because of the charismatic presence of the lead singer Jim Morrison. Featuring poetic lyrics, it’s not surprising to see the song enjoy fame and patronism even after years since its original release.

The Chords to Play Light My Fire

The main chords used in the song include A 6, Am7, A#/Bb Root6, D(power), E , D#/Eb5, G Root 6 and G#/Ab Root6 (power). The step by step instructions are easy to understand. It will help to learn the song in a timely manner.

Why Light My Fire by The Doors Is An Amazing Song?

The song is excellent and enticing because of Jim Morrison’s rock vocals.
The lyrics used are exceptionally poetic in nature and memorable.
It’s a song that depicts the psychedelic rock movement from the 1960s.

What Makes Light My Fire To Be Classified As Medium?

Light My Fire by The Doors is a great fun song to learn. The composition is memorable and it isn’t too difficult to learn on the guitar. The song’s intro lines are repeated making it bit challenging but still fun for intermediate guitarists to play. Usage of Barre chords makes it a great choice for both beginners and trained guitarists to play it.

The History of The Doors

The Doors is a rock band found in Los Angeles in 1965 and they were heavily inspired by the book The Doors of Perception that led to the name. Jim Morrison, their lead singer was constantly in the limelight for his unexpected appearances and out of control lyrics that led to their controversial popularity.

The band couldn’t carry forward after Morrison died in 1971 and was completely dissolved by 1973.

More About Light My Fire and The Album It Came From

Light My Fire is a popular song and is one among the greatest songs of all time list. The lyrics warranted a change because of some indirect drug reference but Jim Morrison, the singer knowingly used the original ones when on live in a radio program. The album was The Doors which enjoyed continuous success in the UK charts for a long time.

Learn the song in simple, easy to understand guide provided in here.

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