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how to play about a girl

about a girl refrain tab“About a Girl” is one of Nirvana’s first batch of songs even before they were signed up by David Geffen’s DGC Records. Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s lead singer and song writer, apparently wrote this the next day after listening to “Meet The Beatles” CD over and over again.

There’s no catchy riff on this song unlike the previous Nirvana songs that we’ve already learned how to play, ie “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Come as You Are“. But this is such a great song that we can’t resists not showing you how to play the strumming part and the guitar solo of the song.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional guitarist. I do not play for a living. If you want to learn how to play About a Girl, taught by a professional guitarist – check out Guitar Tricks. –> Click Here.

Let’s begin.

How to Play About A Girl

There is only 3 parts of the song that song that you need to know in order to play the entire song.

Intro and Verse

The first part is the intro and verses. These part are the same. The chords are Em and G. The strumming pattern is fairly simple. I can say its a down, down-up, down-up, down-up for the first bar and down-up, down-up, down-up down-up for the second bar but that’s a little funny in text.

Anyway, the notes are mostly 8th notes. For the first bar, the first note is the quarter note followed by 6 eighth notes.

For more information on the strumming pattern and notes, please check out the image below:

about a girl tab







B-Section / Refrain

I am not really sure how to call this part. It’s a B-section if you will refer to Guitar Tricks’ lesson.

The 3 chords for this section are C#5, G#5 and F#5.  These are all power chords, right? It’s a little ‘off’ if you notice. We are in the Em-G progression then all of the sudden there’s the G#. It’s a change of key and it goes ok for the song.

C# and G# are all in the first bar. Both chords takes 2 measures. The whole bar is occupied by the F#.

Strumming pattern is fairly easy as well. You can get it by listening to the record.

Guitar Solo

The solo is also fairly easy. Still in the eight notes and there are slides. The solo is in the key of E minor.

Starts with an open E string (low). Next is the 5th fret A string, hammer on to 7th fret. Do the same on the D-string (5th fret, hammer to 7)

You then pluck 7th fret D twice and slide to 9th fret D. Pluck the 9th fret and slide to 12th fret on the D-then 12th on the D string. The last note is the slide to the top of the neck.

Check out the video to get a grasp of what was just described.

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