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jack johnson

how to play taylorJack Johnson is a known American folk singer who earned himself a strong fan following for his laid back tunes combined with an unique acoustic styling. The songwriter and musician was born in Hawaii and used to be a professional surfer before he turned towards music composing.

His career as a surfing expert came to an end after he met with a brutal accident at Pipeline. Even though, he couldn’t take up his favorite sport again because of the physical damage it caused, Jack continued to add his experience in surfing to this lyrics. G. Love a friend he met during surfing because the producer for his album Philadelphonic with the popular song Rodeo Clowns in 1999.

How to play “Taylor”

Album: On And On
Released: 2003

How to Play Taylor

Jack Johnson debuted with his first album Brushfire Fairytales which was a great commercial hit. The song paved way for his other albums including Upside Down and You and Your Heart, Taylor witnessed massive patronage from music fans. The trend continued with his Sing-a-longs and the Lullabies which was composed for the movie Curious George, that became his highest selling album ever.

Guitar Chords to Play Taylor

A variety of chords used in the song poses ample challenge to learners yet it is relatively easy for both beginners and intermediate guitarists. The chords are Am open, C , D add4 , F add2 , Fmaj7 , G and G variation 4. The instructions are split into multiple steps for easy learning procedure.

Why Taylor by Jack Johnson Is An Excellent Song?

The song is a perfect example of Johnson’s laid back sound. The lyrics are hugely inspiring and touch some of the most important aspects of life. It is a melodious composition and feels great to play as well as listen for the audience.

The Taylor by Jack Johnson is classified as medium because it teaches a lot of new guitar techniques and is ideal for intermediate players. These techniques are mandatory for every guitarist to learn. It has a great opening riff which offers great challenge during practice combined with strong strum and added percussive styling. It helps in diverse learning and help the player strengthen his rhythm.

The song Taylor is from the rock folk album On and On composed by Jack Johnson. Jack did guitar and vocal for this number which also had Adam Topol with drums, percussions and Merlo Podlewski with bass. Besides, Taylor, it also had Rodeo Clowns, The Horizon has Been Defeated and Times Like These.

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