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In Johnny Cash’s biography, I Walk The Line holds a special place for being his first hit and is an exceptionally memorable number in his composition.

The song is a good choice for beginners to hone their guitar skills. It was the one that inspired Cash to bring about boom chicka boom, based on the same beat.

I walk the line guitar tab - johnny cash
Album: Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar
Released: 1956
US: 17

The fun song has neat lyrics and because of it being easy to learn, first timers can not only sharpen their talent but will also feel confident as it is easier to play.

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Guitar Chords –  I Walk The Line

The main chords to play the song begins with A, B7 and continues to D , E and G . The chords has been completely split up into different parts so that learners can pick up the number easily and start practicing.

Why I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash is a Great Song?

  • The song is a classic collection from Johnny Cash’s composition.
  • It’s catchy tune will immediately mesmerize the audience.
  • The song is exceptionally easy to play and one can learn it within a short period of time.

Why I Walk The Line Is Easy to Learn on Guitar?

Johnny Cash composed I Walk the Line is classified as Easy on guitar because of its overall simple chords.

Even though, there are no complex chords in it, the song is a great classic and its unique chord progression is highly variable with every new verse.

Every type of audience will love the song.

Who is Johnny Cash?

While Johnny Cash has composed songs in a variety of genre, he’s often known as the country music artist because of his notable numbers.

The American song writer and singer holds the honor of influencing popular genres including folk, blues, gospel, rock and roll.

He inspired singers of his next era to follow his style.

Cash has an unique bass baritone voice which set him apart from the crowd.

He’s considered rebellious and loves to wear dark clothes during on stage performance. Tenessee Three backing band was his forte were he released the popular boom chicka boom.

Other popular songs in his career include Rings of Fire, Folsom Prison Blues besides I Walk the Line.

The Album Which Has I Walk The Line

The song I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash was released as a single by Sun Records label in 1956, alongside B-side Get Rhythm. It was re-recorded in 1964 for the album I Walk The Line and also for At San Quentin album. The song was featured in Classic Cash: Hall of Fame album released in 1988.

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