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how to play ring of fire
how to play ring of fire

The song of Ring of Fire has great fan following around the globe and is the biggest hit in the history of Johnny Cash, a country music icon of the times. For nearly seven weeks, the song continued to dominate the charts and earned critic reviews.

Ring of Fire is a term actually referring to falling in love, is what the lyricist June Carter intended to convey. The lady was in love with Johnny Cash and wrote the song to express her dire love on the young musician. Cash used the lyrics to compose the hit song. Four years later, they got married.

Learn the Ring of Fire Guitar Chords

The main chords used in the song are C , D and G . Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash can be learned with ease on the guitar following the step by step instructions provided on this post, but I very much recommend you watch the video instead to see how I do it. The chords are split for easy learning purpose and it’s a simple song.

How to play “Ring of Fire”

The song Rings of Fire has an excellent tempo to play with. It has a strong country feel to it with excellent memorable lyrics. The song boasts of Johnny Cash’s classic sound throughout its run time.

Difficulty: Ring of Fire

The song has some easy to learn chords which is an ideal fit for beginners. Aspiring guitarists will find Ring of Fire open chords simple to learn which is fun, supported by amazing fast rhythms. The song is fun to play.

Before beginning to learn, it is good to listen to the original composition and get an idea about the song as a whole. It makes learning easier and more personalized.

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Know About Johnny Cash

The American country musician Johnny Cash is a famous icon, well known for his persona and composition style. He’s often somber which made his fans call him The Man in the Black and he’s well known for his rebellious nature. Cash was inspired by wide variety of musical genres. He married his fan June Carter. Ring of Fire was his greatest hit while Nine Inch Nails song Hurt was his last composition before he died in 2003.

The Album Ring of Fire Came From

The album Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash released in 1963 comprised of the Ring of Fire song.

It easily reached the number #1 position on Billboard charts and continues to be his best song ever.

There’s another version of the song composed by June Carter’s sister Anita Carter.

Learn to play the popular song by understanding the chords. A great choice for upcoming guitarists.

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