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how to play beatles

how to play HelpHelp! is one of the greatest and well known hit song  by The Beatles which originally originated from their album and was later used in a movie of the same name. While it was John Lennon who penned the lyrics, the credits were shared under the name of Lennon and McCartney.

The band has a habit of sharing this credits and it’s no surprise they did the same. The US version of the album was an authentic soundtrack which has orchestration. Several songs were later released based on the same under different albums. The song The Help! rose to the number one position in both US and UK charts.

How to play “HELP!”

The Album Help! By The Beatles Came From

Help! Belongs to the album named the same and was released in 1965. The name was carried out for the album, the soundtrack as well as the movie. It was the ninth American album for The Beatles and the fifth British album. Other songs in the album includes Ticket To Ride and Yesterday. The easy lessons will help you play the song effortlessly.

Guitar Chords for Help!

This song has a number of chords but all of them are very familiar and I am sure you already know how to please these.

The chords used in the intro part is also the ones used in the chorus. The chords to play the song begins with a Bm (and then a Bm/A, that’s a B minor with an A bass) followed by a G major and then its the E major before the guitar riff comes in. Check out the chord diagram below:

Help Intro Chords

For the verse, there are 6 chords.  The first 3 chords receives around 2 bards each. The chords are A Major, C#m and F#m.

The chord diagram are shown below:

A Major Chord C# F#





Compared to the next 3 chords, those 3 spends a little time. The following 3 major chords however, are all in one bar.


In order to properly see the time spend for those chords, I suggest you watch the video above.

The step by step lessons will make it easy to learn the composition.

How to Play The Guitar Riff

The riff for HELP is that part after the intro and before the first verse. It’s also played after the chorus.

Below is the guitar tablature of that riff. Basically, its a rundown from the 7th fret to the 4th fret. Both strings G and B are played open in all 4 positions.

Help Guitar RIff

What Makes “Help” By Beatles A Great Song?

Besides The Beatles is my favorite band of all time  *grin*, the song is fun to learn and play with an upbeat tempo. It has an easy strum song. The guitar parts are quite challenging and will let learners push their limits. It has relatively simpler arrangement which makes it easier to play.

Help! By the Beatles has an exceptionally engaging song design with an upbeat tempo. Even though, it is basically a slow number, the song was tuned to be a fast one so as to appease their fans. Guitarists will find the song challenging to learn and play which will hone their skills and it has a great arrangement to play.

More About The Beatles

The Beatles is a pop band which reinvented musical history and continues to inspire modern day pop music. They formed in 1960 and went on to become the most widely known bands history ever witnessed with great commercial success. The group consisted of John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. The song Help shot them to further fame and made them reach a new fan base.



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