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Crowded House

Guitar-Tricks-reviewBetter Be Home Soon is a song well known for its powerful and memorable lyrics. The song was composed and released by the Australian rock band Crowded House. Written by Neil Fenn, the song attained immense success in the Australian music charts while it received only an ‘ok’ response in the US and UK charts.

This particular song is a favorite one for acoustic lovers with instantly catchy chorus piece and a melody that will stay in the mind for a long time. The unique strumming technique used in the song combined with the overall feel makes it a worthy choice for aspiring guitarists to start off with.

How to play “Better Be Home Soon”

The Australian Rock group Crowded House was originally formed in 1985 and went multiple cast changes in the next years. Neil Finn was one among the original founder who brought the group along with a drummer Paul Hester. Both of them were earlier associated with Split Enz and later Nick Seymour joined them. The band witnessed different musicians in its course of years.

The Album Better Be Home Soon Came From

The band Crowded House released Temple of Low Men which is their second studio album which contained the popular Better Be Home Soon.

The album debuted in 1988 and it had some of the best soul searching, personalized songs which became an instant hit with the Australian crowd. The song was the first single from the album which continued to be in the top ten hit numbers in Australia for a long time.

Guitar Chords – Better Be Home Soon

The main chords that are used to play the song are A open, Am open, D open, Em open, F root6, and G open. The simplified steps provided here will make it easy to learn the song for novice guitarists.

Why We Say Better Be Home Soon Is A Great Song To Learn?

  • The song has signature lyrics from Neil Finn with impressive lyrics and a memorable chorus.
  • The melodious composition will instantly attract listeners and is easy to sing along with.
  • It’s amazingly fun to play the song solo on an acoustic guitar.

Why Better Be Home Soon is Excellent and Classified as Easy on Guitar?

The strumming techniques can be learned through the song will push the player to the next level which makes it the best fit for novice players. Better Be Home Soon is quite easy to learn and play because of the open chords used in it. The song has a great chorus and will become a favorite with any crowd.


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