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how to play wonderwall

how to play song 2On this post we’ll learn to play probably the biggest and well-known hit of Oasis that still getting massive radio air play till this day. The song is called “Wonderwall”.

What Makes Wonderwall A Great Song. Here’s some reasons. The song has an excellent driving rhythm, a great reputation among music lovers around the globe and a chorus which is exceptionally memorable and instantly catchy.

This is an easy song to play if you are comfortable with loose strumming.

Learn How To Play Wonderwall By Oasis

The mega hit song Wonderwall by the band Oasis wasn’t their first attempt but it was a song that played an integral role in making the band popular. Notoriously known for internal tussles between band members, Oasis constantly faced rivalry between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher. The brothers and bandmates even went to the extend of hurting each other physically that extended song and album releases, but eventually they made it.

Definitely Maybe is the first album by Oasis followed by their second that included the songs Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova. They had several other hits after this like “Stand by Me“, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and more.

The band has a great fan following in many countries and even though, the brothers broke up to form separate groups, the song Wonderwall remains a memorable composition of the duo when they were still under the brand Oasis. The following video will teach you how to play Wonderwall in easy steps.

A Brief Introduction to Oasis and Wonderwall

Oasis is an English Rock band which is a popular one in the 90s in US, UK and Australia. The band was formed in Manchester in 1991 and the original members list include Tony, Paul McGuigan, Paul Arthurs and Liam Gallagher. At first the band was known as The Rain until Liam’s older brother joined and it was renamed as Oasis. Definitely Maybe, their first album debuted in 1994 and their next What’s the Story Morning Glory? Witnessed bigger success.

Oasis won the Longest Top 10 UK chart Run by a Group Guiness award for 22 successive hits and is also honored for Most Successful Act of the Last Decade. Wonderwall is part of the Morning Glory album and it sold over 10 million copies around the globe.

Chords Used to Play Wonderwall

The graphical depiction shows the chords used to play the song. It begins with an A open variation 2, C open variation 2 and continues till Em open variation 2 and G open variation 2. The lesson will further teach you to how to play it on a guitar step by step.

Why Wonderwall by Oasis is a great choice to learn

One of the aspects is that, Wonderwall is an ideal fit for beginning guitarists. It is purely based on basic open chords and a very basic rhythm, making it easy to catch up with. A great song to listen to and enhance your guitarist skills.

What makes Wonderwall to be classified as Easy to learn

When you get a cut down version of the big song, you can easily learn it part by part. The steps are simple and easy to comprehend. Besides, it’s purely based on basic chords and is an apt choice for beginners who like to hone their skills. Listen to the full original piece before you start practicing.

Learning such a memorable and hit song will add further to your skills. Learn to play Wonderwall by Oasis on your guitar with this handy guide

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