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guns n roses

welcome to the jungleYou’re in the jungle! You gonna die.” Apparently that’s where Axl Rose got the idea or the lyrics for the song “Welcome to the Jungle”. This song is about Los Angeles. The band tries to tells the dark side of the city and apparently tries to warns those folks who want to live there. This is the Jungle baby!

Believe it or not, the first single released for Appetite for Destruction was “It’s So Easy” which did not made it to the charts. This was the second UK single and third US single from Appetite For Destruction. The first single, “It’s So Easy,” was a flop.

Album: Appetite For Destruction
Released: 1987
US Charts it reached  No. 7
UK Charts it reached No. 24

Learn How to Play Welcome to the Jungle Riff

When watching several tutorial video of the song, one thing that they keep on mentioning is to use a Delay effect. So, use one. :)

Important thing to note here is the open B string to keep it ringing all throughout the intro riff.

Then the note from C# of the 3rd string descents up to the 2nd fret on the A string (B-note).

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