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how to play ticket to ride

Ticket To Ride is one of my favorite song in the Help! album by The Beatles. Actually, most of the songs in that records are great – Help, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, Yesterday and I Need Your, just to name a few. But for this post, we will talk about “Ticket To Ride”

ticket to ride guitar riffBut first, a few trivia.. Did you know that John Lennon was quoted saying, “That was one of the earliest heavy-metal records made.”

Anyway, the riff that we are going to learn in this post is that recognizable part in the intro and the first few parts of the verses.

There is this lick, that brief solo but we will not focus on that one but we will include that part in the tablature section below.

And which reminds me, did you know that Paul McCartney, being the Bass Player and all, is the one who played that little guitar ‘solo’ part? Yes, he did apparently.

How To Play Ticket To Ride

The riff is very catchy even though it is just the A major chord. So there you go, to be able to play this riff/intro you must be able to know the A major chord and how to use a pick! Simple enough? Alright, check out the tablature of the intro guitar riff of Ticket To Ride:

Thanks to Songsterr for a great program/website!

You can of course click the “play” button on the image to bring you to’s website. In there you can get and play along with the song’s complete musical score (in guitar tablature). Also includes drums and bass parts! How cool is that! <>Check out Songsterr Here.

I will include this song to the list of easy Beatles songs to play on the guitar page.

There is a certain picking parttern for this riff. Like I said its the A major chord guitar riff in the intro.

Let’s study the each note in the first bar.. basically, all 4 bars of the introduction is the same.

Majority of the song, or most of the notes you’ll hear, the distinctive part is the A major chord. You will be lifting the third finger in a part of the guitar riff. That’s the B string.

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  1. Once you hear the riff, you’ll know it’s Ticket to Ride

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