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The-Beatles-This-Boy-Guitar-TabTime to learn another Beatles song. This time, let’s take a look at the B-side of “I Want To Hold Your Hand“.  If you want to get a copy of the song now, the CD that you could buy is any of the following:

“..two CD set Past Masters, as part of the remastering of the original Beatles’ catalogue, and was included in The Beatles Stereo Box Set and in The Beatles in Mono box set.”

How to play “This Boy”

This Boy was released in 1963 and it was also one of the song that the Fab Four performed during their second visit in The United States in The Ed Sullivan Show.

How to Play This Boy – Things To Remember

The important things to know in trying to play this song are the guitar chords (shown in the next section) and the strumming pattern or time signature.

The song is in 12/8 or 6/8 (depending which number you feel comfortable counting, 12 or 6). When learning to play this Beatles song, you have to remember to count to 6 (or 12)

Introduction and Verse

The song has 2 guitar parts. The first part of the intro is a 3 strummed chords and is played by the first guitar. Actually, the first guitar’s strumming pattern are 3 counts for each strum.

The chords for the first part of the intro are D major, a D9 (open E string being the 9th note) and back to the D major. For this part alone, the time signature is 9/8 but that’s alright, we still count 3 for each strummed chord.

After that first part of the intro comes the main chords played by the second guitar – D, Bm, Em7, A7.

Again, the technique here is to count (in your head *grin*) 3 or 6.  The first chord which is D major gets 6 counts but the 4 strums for 3 counts is the first part and the next 3 counts would just be one strum each.

The same for Bm. It gets the 6 counts with the first 3 counts gets 4 strums and then 3 counts for 3 strums. Same strumming pattern for Em7 and the A7.

During all those strumming and counting of the second guitar, the first guitar continues to single strum a chord and count to 3.

That’s it for the verses.

This Boy Guitar Chords

This Boy

By John Lennon and Paul McCartney
From=20"A Hard Days Night" by the Beatles

No special tunings
D    x00232
Bm   x24432
A7   X02020
G    355433
A6   X02222

A6 A6 A6
D Bm G A
D Bm G A

D       Bm  Em7       A7     D  Bm
That boy    took my love away.
Em7             A7         D  Bm
Though he'll regret it someday,
Em7       A6             D  Bm Em7 A
This boy wants you back again.

D       Bm  Em7    A7       D  Bm
That boy    isn't good for you.
Em7           A7        D  Bm
Though he may want you, too,
Em7       A6             D  Bm D
This boy wants you back again.

D7      G                 F#m
Oh, and this boy would be happy
Bm                       D
Just to love you, but oh my-y-y-y
G                 F#m
That boy won't be happy=20
A7                 A6
'Til he's seen you cry-y-y-oh

D    Bm Em7        A7       D  Bm
This boy wouldn't mind the pain,
Em7          A7       D  Bm
Would always feel the same,
     Em7       A6            D  Bm Em7 A
'Til this boy gets you back again.

This boy  =20
This boy
This boy...
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