We will be learning one of the easiest chord to finger on a guitar. Nope, its not the A nor the D. It’s time for the E Chord. Hopefully you already know chords A and D.. If not you can check out how to play them here and here.

When you know those 3 chords you have tons of songs that you can play!

How to Play the E Chord

E chordJust like in the previous lessons let’s put down the fingering positions first.

Put the first finger on the third string on the first fret. Then second finger is on the fifth string, second fret.

You may noticed that the finger on the second finger is a little far away from the first one. This is because the third finger will be on the 4th string on the second fret.

We then strum the whole chord, all the strings together. This chord is using all the string of the guitar. From the open Low E string to the open High E string. (A Chord uses 5 strings and the D Chord uses 4 strings. Both start at their root note/string – A and D respectively).

Then let’s pick each string up and let it ring. If its buzzy, you’re not pressing enough or you’re too far away to the fret. Try to press as close as you can to the fret.

The 3rd string might sometimes sound dead, and that is because the 3rd finger usually touches the sting below it (the 3rd) so please be aware of that and fix it. Practice some more and you can get it right soon enough.

Tip: Remember to arc your fingers up. The shape should be round like you’re holding a ball or a bat.

Common Problems when Playing the E Chord

Beside the mentioned buzzing string on those with the fingers pressing down, one of the common issue when playing this chord is those fretting fingers touching the high E string. This will of course cause the string to be muted or make a dead sound.

You should try and do a curve fingering to avoid those fingers to touch the string. Practice will perfect this and in time this will not be a problem to you.

Common songs that uses the E chord:

What can I say, I am one huge Beatles fan.

  • And Your Bird Can Sing
  • Ballad of John and Yoko
  • and Phoebe Buffay’s Smelly Cat :)

Enjoy! and keep on practicing!