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On this post, we’ll try to learn how to play the song “House to the Rising Sun”. This is actually a folk song that nobody knows who was the original singer or author. But I am sure that the version you know is the one from “The Animals”.

This was the first song since 1962 by a British band to hit #1 in America that was not written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The song uses arpegiatted chords all throughout the song. Full lesson of this song can be found at Guitar Tricks, here.

How to Play “House of the Rising Sun”

The chords that you need to know are the following – Am, C major, D major, F major and E major.

how to play house of the rising sun

How to play “House of the Rising Sun”

The first chord is the Am (A minor chord). You pluck each string of the chord starting with the root note which is the open A string all the way up to the open high E string.

You then you back up the string up to the D string. (You can always refer to the image above or in the video.)

Next chord is the C major chord. Same plucking pattern is done. The next chord is the D major chord. Refer to the image above for the tablature. As you can see, there is a slight pause when in the high E string. Then go back down the string.

how to play house of the rising sun2The next set of chords are F major for one bar, back to A minor for another bar and the E major. You can refer to the image above.

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