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oasis stand by me guitar tabHaven’t done any Oasis song lately, or ever on this blog. So here’s an Oasis song for all of us to play. We’ll learn how to play the intro riff and strumming pattern for the song – Stand By Me.

Although this is a great song, it did not reach number one on the year it was released (1997).


Because Elton John’s Candle in the Wind was super hit on that year because 3 weeks before Stand By Me was released Princess Diana was killed in an accident. Sad… both for Princess Diana and the song not reaching number 1. But number 2 is not that bad now isn’t it? Overall, it was number 44 on the end of year countdown in the UK.

Also, everybody knows that the Gallagher brothers idolizes The Beatles and they love the works of John Lennon. This song is actually may have come from “Stand By Me” song of John Lennon. (Like the intro part of Champagne Supernova to Imagine).

How to play “Stand By Me”

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