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song 2 guitar tabProbably the most well-known by Blur is this song called simply – “Song 2”. And in today’s post we will check out and learn how to play that scratchy, catchy guitar strumming riff that is used in the intro as well as in the verse.

This song has some interesting story behind it. For example, this song is also known as “Whoo-Hooo” since that is the line being sung in the chorus.

The “Song 2” title came about when they are performing it live at the audience and always referring to it as “Song 2” which is just the working title for the song but never had the official title. The name stuck up until the recording in the studio.

This song also “appeared” or used commercially in a number of products and tv shows. Mercedes-Benz used it to promote its S-class cars, Nissan used it for The Sentra. It was also used in ads for video game FIFA ’98 and for Pentium II processors. This was used in an episode of The Simpsons in a scene where Homer and the guys go to the Super Bowl. It also appeared on the South Park episode “Stanley’s Cup.”

Anyway, let’s go ahead and learn how to play Song 2 by Blur.


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