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bryan adams

“Somebody” by Bryan Adams is the third single to be released on their 1983 album called “Reckless”. Overall music and lyrics are very basic and common and you can actually sing a long with the chorus even if you do not know the song. Regardless of those things, this is still a good song and a nice listen.

Somebody and some other good Bryan Adams songs are actually easy songs to play on guitar, so better check out some other songs by them.

How to Play Somebody

Check out the tabs of Bryan Adam’s Somebody on the image on the right. This is courtesy of the great community in Songsterr.

how to play somebody

The song starts with F and G Major chords and the chord form used is actually the ‘simple’ form – that is, you only play the first 4 strings of the guitar and not the whole 6, the whole bar.

You may notice that it is not the same as the tablature illustration on the right. Take note though that both ways uses the same notes. So I guess not much of a change there.

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