HOW TO PLAY “SHAPE OF YOU” by Ed Sheeran | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial)

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Hey, guys, welcome back to another guitar lesson today. We are checking out how to play Shape of you by Ed Sheeran. So it just released a song and it’s really easy to play.

So let’s get right into it. Let’s see how to play the song before the song begins. You’ve got this little.

HOW TO PLAY “SHAPE OF YOU” – Transcription

The Riff – This part is being played throughout the song. As you saw, I was just moving around four notes. And that is all.

You can play this song with the chords if you want. So let me just show you how to play this. We’ve got 6th fret on 3rd string, 5th fret on second string. Back to 6th fret on third string.

And you do this three times. And the next time you come to fourth fret on the second string, then you come to six and four on the third string and you repeat that. You can repeat that two times, and then you can go into the chords.

I’m just muting the note right after I pick it with my left hand over here with my finger, I raise the finger to mute the sound of the note like that. Right to raise the finger to mute that. So you can do that as well.

That’s all there is to this little intro over here.

The Main Chords

Now, let’s learn the main chords of “The Shape of You”. These are C sharp minor, F sharp minor, A major, and B major, C sharp minor. You have index finger on the fourth or fifth string.

You have these two fingers on 6th and third string. You have fifth fret over here, and I’m not using the first string. You can play it. You will automatically have the fourth right over here if you’re having a bar.

But I’m avoiding that first string. Let me just show you the chords first, and then we’ll get into the strum pattern. The next chord is F sharp minor. Now, this one is a little difficult.

So you have a complete bar over here on second fit. What you can do is that you can have your middle finger and you can put it over the first finger, right.

That’s a good way to make sure that you have a tight hold over here on the entire bar. And you have these two fingers on fourth fret, our fifth and fourth strings. All right.

Let’s see F sharp minor. Next one is a major player over here as well.

So 5th fret on top string, 7th fret, seven fret, 6th fret, and five and five again. Now for B major, what you can do is you just have to move from eight, two, fifths up to 7ft and 8th not paying the first two strings because we’re just moving around the top strings.

So that’s how you go from a to B major.

So this is second fret on the fifth string. And you have a little bar over here. Fourth fret. Fourth string, third string, second string, fourth fret.

So in this video, I will sometimes play B over here. Sometimes I might play it like this. So don’t be confused. It’s the same chord. B major, B major.

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Now let’s check out the strum pattern. The first one, the easy one. What you can do is this something all down strokes on each chord . I’m doing three down strokes.

One, two, three. Go to the next 1-1-2-3. Next one, A major, one, two, three, and B major. Now, it’s important to note is that I’m not going to want that mute effect. So like I said, over here, what you can do is you can just raise your fingers and mute the sound of the chord .

So this is how you hear the chord because you’re pressing it down. But when you relax your fingers a little, you don’t have to completely take them off. You just relax them a little. Then you can mute the sound like whenever you want, right? So I’m doing it on every count.

One, two, three. So three times all three times. Right after playing the chord , I’m relaxing my fingers and muting the sound. One, two, three, F sharp minor.

And that’s exactly what’s going on for the entire song, for the bridge as well. So literally, for the whole song, the vast pre chorus, the chorus, the bridge, the ending. This is what is going on now. The next strum pattern that you can do over here is which is the one that I played in the demo that goes like this.

How to Play Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Now showed you how to play this one in many different songs. So there’s two things happening in the strum pattern. First is the right hand. The right hand will go like this on each chord you’re doing. So that’s down, down, up, down.

So if you just apply that to all the chords , you get this.

But still, there’s something missing. And what’s missing is the technique that we just used the muting technique. So you need to know when you have to raise your finger to mute the sound. So if I slow it down the way you should be doing it. Is this on the first count, you press the fingers, you want to get the sound.

So down the next down strum is mute. So you racks your fingers and then you play it right. So you’re not pushing the fingers and middle. Okay, then on the upstroke, you again press the fingers. So we’re going really slow.

If you’re a beginner, that’s how you want to do it. If you could already make out whatever’s doing that’s great. But for beginners out there, down, mute, up stroke again, you want to press the fingers down back.

That’s what we have for now, practice that after that, you want to do a down up on the mute. So when you’re doing down up, you’re relaxing your fingers.

You’re not pushing them. So if we put all of that together, you have this once again, once again.

Then on the last downstrum, you want to press it again, right? So if we add all of that together, you’ll get this finally.

And you’ve done it. Just keep practicing that it’s still your down that I showed you before. That’s the right hand. The trick is in the left hand. So now you know how to do both the paths.

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