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one way or another tablatureI usually post a riff tutorial based on, first the amount of people who want to learn it. That is, the number of people who go to Google and search for it.

Secondary reason is that the it is Pretty simple to play! It only uses 2 Chords (D major and B minor – relative minor of ‘D’) And a slide in between.

This song does not have enough searches but since I love the riff and its very cool and is on top of my song-to-sing-in-videoke list, I included the tutorial here:)

The song is apparently about a stalker and even though the lyrics can be a little scary and ‘evil’, the melody and the music behind it is very joyful, jumpy and catchy that is why it got a very good radio play during its release.

This was released in 1978, same year I was born. It is part of the album “Parallel Lines” and it reached top 24 in the US Charts.

How to play “One Way or Another”

Album: Parallel Lines
Released: 1978

How to Play One Way or Another riff

The actual riff -the one played in the intro as well as the verse – are Pretty simple. Learn the D fifth position power chord and then learn the B power chord.. it is a Bm (B minor) but you can use the power chord as well.

If you know those two chords, you are on your way in playing this riff and strumming your heart out.

One important thing to not though, you need to go over the frets betweek the fifrth (D) and the 2nd fret (Bm). Listen to the record and you will find out.

Watch the video tutorial again to learn how to play this riff

Good luck and enjoy!

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