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oh darling

how to play oh darling by beatlesOh Darling” by the Beatles was written mostly by Paul McCartney and one of the songs in the Abbey Road album.

This is one of my favorite Beatles songs to play in a guitar and there was a time when I learned to play its base lines as well!

There is no great guitar riff for this song but I happen to be a huge Beatles fan so I decided to include this one as well. This is infact one of the easiest Beatles songs to play on a guitar, hands down. You just need to memorize the chords and do some quick strumming and palm  muting.

A couple of new facts (hopefully they are true) about the songs that I just found out today while researching about the song. Paul apparently sang for a week just to have that rusty, cracky horse voice we hear in the record.

Also it was rumored that John wanted to sing this song as the lead but since Paul wrote most of it, he has the final decision and he decided to sing it.

How to Play Oh Darling on Guitar

Here’s how — know the chords! When you are sure you know them, practice proper palm muting and timing.

If you know them both, you are on your way to play this amazing song. (Of course, you still need to sing it.., it is very difficult to sing unless you are a gifted singer. :)


Oh Darling Guitar Chords

Here are the chords for that song. I want to reiterate that it is important to know the guitar chords in order to properly play this song. This is an easy song to play but you need to know the chords :)

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