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The Beatles - Nowhere Man - Guitar TabNowhere Man is one of John Lennon‘s greatest composition in my opinion. It is part of the Rubber Soul album which I believe is their best work.. again only in my opinion :)

On this post (and video above) I will try and teach you how to play the riff, solo, chords and basically the whole song. If you need the tablature of this song, you can go ahead and tell me. Drop me an email by going here
You will then get an email from me. I will ask what song you would like me to send and I will send it to you for free! :)

Anyway, on with the show…

How to Play Nowhere Man

In order to play Nowhere Man, you need to know a couple of songs. This is an easy Beatles song that you can easily play on your guitar. It only has several chords and most of them are Major ones, so more likely, you already know these chords.

Nowhere Man Guitar Chords

The chords in play for this song are the following: E, B, A, F#m, Am, G#m… and that’ it!

nowhere man guitar chords

The first part of the songs are played acapella. But the chords for that is (once you repeat the first verse) are E-B-A-E. After that the whole band comes in starting in F#m, Am and E major.

Chorus is played by G#m-A twice or 3 times.

I recommend you watch the video in order to learn the solo part of the song. Its a very short solo part and is based on the chords used. I actually played it using their corresponding chord shapes.

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