On this page you will learn how to play the major guitar chords necessary to start singing along with your favorite songs! There are hundreds of 3 major chords songs out there that you can start practicing and start singing your heart out!

Basically there are 7 Major chords in guitar… chords in music actually. These are the following:

We will discuss each of them and show you how you can play them with ease. You can actually click on the link provided in that list above to go the separate page dedicated to that Chord Lesson.

I do have a couple of tips below that I sure hope you have a chance to read if you are just starting out in playing the guitar. These tips are very invaluable in your learning.

Tips in Playing the Guitar Chords

  • When pressing down the strings, make sure you pressed it right behind the fret. This will greatly help in sounding that note very clearly.
  • Use the tip of the finger when pressing down the string. Do not use the fleshy part of the finger when fretting the string. The tip or the bony part of the finger is way more powerful.
  • Arch your fingers when fretting the strings specially when reaching the far strings or when the chords requires you to stretch 2 or 3 frets away.

There are some more tips. If you have one, please comment below and we will add them up here.