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Hey, guys, welcome to guitar tutorial blog. We are going to learn how to play Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.

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“Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber is really fun to play.

In case you don’t know, this song is written by Ed Sheeran.

So you’ve got some Ed Sheeran type of chords here that he uses in his songs.

How to play “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

How to Play “Love Yourself” (Intro, Verse)

So the first chord that we’re using is E Major (E).

And we’re playing this with our thumb, index finger and middle finger.

So we’re going to put the thumb on the fifth string.

And with the left hand, we’re going to have our index finger on the 7th fret. And then we’re going to have these two fingers, the ring and the Pinky fingers on the 9th fret of third string and second string.

Okay. So we got so with your right hand, you want to pick it like this?

We pick all these three strings together. Then we pick the second string with our middle finger. And then we do a little slap by just tapping our fingers on the string. So that way, it hits the footboard and you get that noise. All right.

Next chord, we move to is a D# minor. So with your index finger, we just move one fret down on six fret, and our middle finger will go on 7th fret of the B string and ring finger will go on 8th fret, the G string. And here, you see, I just did the same thing with my right hand. Pick these three strings together.

Pick the middle one, the middle finger, and then slap. Okay.

I just want to take this whole shape down. Two frets. Okay. So this will be fourth fret. This will be fifth fret.

This will be 6th fret. This is one as your C sharp minor chord and do the same thing. Strings together. Pick the middle finger, second string, and then tap. So from the beginning, you get any move for this chord.

This will be F sharp minor chord. And here you’re just bringing the same shape up to the 9th fret. Okay. It’s 9th fret over here. 11th fret over here and 10th fret over here on the second string.

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself


Then using the same right hand technique, you move to emeager again, the first chord that we use and then back to D sharp minor card. So this will be F shock minor, D major, D shock minor chord . So from the beginning, you get three, four. Go to here, three, four. You repeat it right until you get to the corners of the song.

There’s a little improvisation on the E major that you can hear in the song. It goes like this.

Okay. That’s a little improvisation over here. Instead of playing this, you get. So it’s very easy. What I’m doing is I’m doing a hammer on from the 7th fret to the 9th fret on the B string with my middle finger again, and then play it one more time.

The 9th fret still and do the slap. That’s all you got to do.

Then make sure that when you go to the next chord , you are holding on to the proper all three notes instead of just this one.

How to Play The Chorus of Love Yourself

Now let’s go to the chorus of the song. So the chorus sounds something like this. It’s got two parts to it. The first part is going to go up something like this moment.

Then you go to the next part of the course, which we will learn after this. So what we’re doing is C sharp power chord. So for that you need your index finger on the fourth fret or the fifth string. And these two fingers on the 6th fret of the fourth string and third string. Now, what we’re doing with the right hand is this we’re doing the same thing that we did over here.

Remember just that we’re changing the strings now pump is on the fifth string index finger, and on the fourth and third strings, pick all three of them together. Pick the third string now and then lose to the slab. Okay. All right.

Immediately after the next chord that you go to is a chord . So for that you need open over here and second film, second film over here again, you pick all of them together. Just leave it like that. So you get from the beginning one more time and then on email.

Okay. So everything is for E major. Open over here. Second fit with your middle finger, second fit with your ring finger, and first fit on the third string. And here what you can do is you can pick the top string, and then you can pick the fifth string and fourth string.

Right. So no need to pick the third string.

So here what we’re doing is picking all these three strings together and then pick the fourth string and then do the slab. Okay. So that’s what you get. And then in the end, what you want to do is you want to again pick the fourth string, second set with your middle finger, right.

And then you can actually mute this by keeping your hand on the string. Let’s do one more time from the very beginning.

Now, this time you can play the whole chord , all of these three.

Just leave it like that the third time, same thing. And then what you want to do is you want to move from major to B major. So B major is just 2fret back from C# right here. You want to do just this one time.

And after this step, the next shape will be your B major, and you want to pick the fifth string, four string and third string and leave them rain. Right.

So from the beginning, now, the last time, the fourth time. What you want to do is this you don’t go to E major. You go from C sharp to A, and then after this, you go to your BCoT, and you do. You can do this five times, just two simple downstrokes over there.

Then you go to the next part of the course. So let me display it from the very beginning.

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