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john lennon

imagineJohn Lennon is one of the most influential person in his time both in music and in politics. And when we hear his name, we instantly think of his most famous solo song – Imagine

The song is of course recorded with a piano, but there are a lot of gigs wherein John Lennon played it on a guitar and that is what we are going to talk about on this post.

Listening to this song still gives me goosebumps and in this article I will try and teach you how to play Imagine on an acoustic guitar. We’ll learn the intro riff (this is, just ‘riff’ after all) and probably dive into the whole song as well.

How to play “Imagine”

The Intro Riff

The intro chords of Imagine is the C major and F major played twice. Although its 2 chords, there is actually a CM7 chord (C major 7th). If you watched the video, I did use the CM7 instead of C major.

The whole intro is 2 bar long (well, its actually 4 bars since we repeat the chord pattern twice).

Check out the tab below from Songsterr.. FREE!


That is actually the piano part of the song transcribed for the guitar. If a friend is playing with you, you can take the piano part and he can do the usual C-F chords progression using a steady 8th note strumming.

The Verse, Pre Chorus, and Chorus

The verse of the song is basically the same as the intro. There are some additional chords though. Another part of the song is the Pre Chorus and finally the Chorus.

If you guys, my visitors, wants to learn more of those parts, simply comment below and I will create a separate video discussing how to play those part.

Until then! One riff at a time my friend. Practice practice practice!

Special Thanks to Songsterr for the Tab.

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