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here comes the sun how to play
learn to play here comes the sun

When asked, what is George Harrison‘s best work during the Beatle years? Many would say “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” which is true, that is a great song. Some may say it’s “Something“.

But for me personally, I like “Here Comes The Sun” more. George is a good guitar player. Not great but still he is a good player. During the “Beatles For Sale” album, he’s been using the guitar to sing the lines of the song (If I Needed Someone) and I think the same style of guitar playing is true for this one.

And on this post we will learn how to play Here comes the sun. We will try and break them in to parts and learn each one. These parts and pieces are of course explained in the video and not in text. It will take a couple hundred words to transcribe those, right?

How to Play Here Comes The Sun

Here’s what you need – a capo.

Yes all the chords (in the guitar chord section below) will be mentioning the actual chords of the songs but if you play it without capo you ‘ll be playing in a different key.

The tablature image on the right, all the notes are relative to the capo which is on the 7th fret.

The first chord is an A. Here in the image it’s in the 9th fret and the chord shape is just like an open D major chord when in fact it is an “A”.

This song is fairly easy. It has mostly 8th notes so the tempo is not that fast. One technique for playing this song is to keep your strumming fingers moving consistently, up and down.

Initially you can allow yourself to hit extra strings or miss some but eventually you may want to be precise to make your playing as close as possible to the actual recording.

You can watch the video tutorial as much as you want to master how to play this song.

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