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bryan adams

how to play heavenBryan Adams has more than a handful of great hits but I believe that his best love song is the song that we are about to learn today – Heaven.

Here’s a quick fact about the origin of this song. Bryan Adams had been the opener or front act for the Band Journey during 1983. Bryan and Journey did more than 100 gigs during those times.

Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams co-wrote “Heaven” becaues of the Journey’s song “Faithfully”. That song inspired them to write their own power ballad. Cool!

How To Play  Heaven by Bryan Adams

It is fairly easy to play the intro for this song. Although it is played with a piano, a guitar version specially if you are playing solo with a band without keyboards, you can do away with the guitar version.

Chords for the intro are C major, Aminor, G major and F major. The main notes/rhythm is C – D and E.. Now if you play those notes with the chords mentioned, you got the intro riff.

All of these are explained in the video but for the folks who love to read, continue below:

  • With C major, play strings 5, 3 and 2. Then play the 5th string again (C note) and followed by the D note on the second string using your pinky finger. Next note is the open E note on the 1st string. That’s it for the C major chord.
  • Do the same fingering for A minor chord.
  • For G major chord, you will be playing the G note (6th string) with the 3rd (b note) string and 2nd string (C note, first finger is in first fret) followed by again the D note on the second string and then the open high E string.
  • The F major chord will be played with the index finger only barring the 1st and 2nd string since you will need to lift your index finger to play the open E string/note.

That’s basically it for the intro of Heaven by Bryan Adams. I recommend you watch the video above to understand it better.


Album "Reckless" by Bryan Adams
Album: Reckless
Released: 1984
The song charted number 1 in the US charts and number 38 in the United Kingdom

Two version of the video were made. The first, released in November 1984, was directed by Steve Barron, who worked on most of Adams’ videos of the time. This one showed Adams standing on stage amid stacks of television sets showing parts of his band members. Shots of the crowd reveal that the seats are filled with not people, but TV sets, making Adams the only human in the building.

The second video was released in March, 1985 and has a more accessible concept. In this one, a guy gets pulled over for drunk driving across the street from a Bryan Adams concert. The girl he was driving ditches him and goes to the show, where she and Adams make a connection. This second version was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the category Best Cinematography.


Heaven – Guitar Chord/Lyrics

CNow, Amnothing can take you aGway from me
We've been Dmdown that road beAmfore
But that's Dmover now, you keep me Gcomin' back for more

FBaby you’re Gall that I Amwant When you’re Clying here in my Farms FI’m finding it Ghard to beAmlieve we’re in Gheaven FAnd love is Gall that I Amneed And I Cfound it here in your Fheart FIt isn’t too Ghard to Amsee we’re in Gheaven

C Oh, Amonce in your life you Gfind someone
Who will Dmturn your world aAmround
Bring you Dmup when you're feeling Gdown

CYeah, Amnothing could change what you Gmean to me
Oh there's Dmlots that I could Amsay
But just Dmhold me now, 'cause our Glove will light the way

{C: chorus}

DmI've been waiting for so Flong
For Csomething to Amarrive
For Dmlove to come aGlong

DmNow our dreams are coming Ftrue
Through the Cgood times and the Ambad
GYeah, I'll be standing there by you

{C: chorus}
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