Introducing the G Chord! This article will try and show you how to play the G Chord on the guitar.

One of the famous chords out there is the G Chord! (Just kidding, most of the major chords are well known… for us beginners, they are the first set of chords that we try to learn).

For this lesson, we will be describing how to construct the first position G chord. By first position we mean, the easiest form of the G chord – the one without using the index finger/first finger to bar the whole neck.

How to Play the G Chord

How to play the G ChordAs shown from the diagram in the left image, G chord is a little stretchy. Although we will only be using 3 fingers for this chord, you will noticed that the second and third fingers are in the opposite side of the neck. That is from note G (high E string) to note G (low E string).

Finger position for the G Chord

First finger goes to the 2nd fret of the 5th string (A string). Remember to place your finger right behind the fret to make it easier to sound the note. Also, use the tip of your fingers. Beginners tend to use a big part of their finger to press down the strings. That is not recommended. As much as possible use the tip, the bony part of your finger.

Next, place your second finger on the third fret of the low E string. This is the root note of the G Chord.

Finally, you place the third finger to the third fret of the high E string. As always, strung all the 6 strings and try to ring the chords out clearly.

For this chord, 3 of the middle strings are open. That means, no fingers are touching those string and you should let them sound out as well.

Alternate Fingering for the G Chord

There is another popular way of fingering the G chord. This is often used by experienced guitarists (or even those starting out) if they want to switch from the G to the C chord with ease.

The position is almost the same but instead of using the first finger, the whole finger adjusts and you use the second finger in place of the first one. The third finger then goes to the 3rd fret of the 6th string and we use the pinky finger to press the high E string on the 3rd fret.

Common Problem with Fingering the G chord

There are some problems when doing this fingering of the first position of the G chord. The middle finger (the one fretting the low E string), it should be as round as you can since it may touch the A string / 5th string damping the sound of that string. Same goes for the 5th string. Try to arc it up to avoid touching the open 4rth string.

Well Known Songs with Major G Chord

Here’s a quick list from the top of my head:

  • Pearl Jam’s  Daughter
  • Matchbox Twenty’s 3 A.M

Please put in the comments songs that you know that uses the G chord. Or if you have a song request that you want us to play, sent it over or comment below as well..