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In this post we will learn how to play Cat Steven’s classic hit (he did have quite a number of hits) called “Father and Son“.

As of this writing, this is the latest song that I’ve learned from Guitar Tricks. I joined them last week (October 8) and enjoying my subscription with them. Will be making my own Guitar Tricks review post soon!

GT Instructor

Anyway, my instructor in that song was Douglas Showalter. He’s a professional guitar instructor over there at Guitar Tricks.

I will not teach you how to play “Father and Son” because I am no guitar teacher.

Douglas is, so if you want professional teacher, you should check him out.

Rather I will be showing you how I play it.

How to Play Father and Son

If you think about it, the song is actually easy to learn to play. You need to know the chords.

There are a few of them but all of them are easy and you probably know them already.

Next, you should learn the strumming pattern for the song. A

gain, its easy and consistent on most of the song except for some small parts in transitions.

The chords that are in play for “Father in Son” are G major, C major, C major, A minor, E minor, B minor and D major.

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Introduction How to Play Father and Son

The intro chords are G major and C major. You strum those chords for the intro and there’s another guitar that plays the lead part.

Here’s the rhythm part of it.

cat stevens

For the lead part of the intro, its notes E-G-E-A.

You can watch the video above to see the fingering but basically 3rd finger on the 5th fret of the B string, first finger on the 3rd fret of E string, back to B string same note then 4rth finger on the 5th fret of the high E string.

Strumming Pattern – Father and Son

For the strumming, we’ll be playing a consistent strumming pattern throughout the song.

It’s Down… Down-Up-Down-Up (please watch the video).

In learning the strum patter for “Father and Son”, better to remember that the first “down’ stroke is the beginning of the chord.

It is pretty much consistent for the whole song or for the verses at least and since this song is the type of song with no choruses, its basically all verses. :)

Guitar Tricks Review

guitartricks review

Like I said, I learn this song with the help of Guitar Tricks and with Mr. Showalter.

I recommend their service if you want to learn from the pro. I can only show you how I learn it.

I am no teacher so I cannot teach you.

Joining Guitar tricks is free! You will get 24 free lessons, the forums, their guitar channel with great tips and many more.

But if you do decide to be a full member (or at least their 14-day trial), you will get access to their Song tutorials and thousands more of lessons!

I do get a very small commission if you join but I only recommend this because i use it and find it very helpful in my guitar playing.

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