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how to play dust in the wind

learn to play dust in the windIn today’s post, we will learn how to play what is probably the best and well-known song by Kansas, “Dust is the Wind“. Coincidentally, this song was the last song that they recorded on their “Point of Know Return” album. This was when their producer asked them if they have any other song to add.

Reluctantly the guitarist/songwriter who had written this acoustic song (Kerry Livgren) played them “Dust in the Wind” and they all agreed to include it in the album even though it is not a typical “Kansas” song. The ‘music’ part of the song came from the practice piece that Kerry was doing.

When his wife heard that guitar part, she asked him to put some lyrics to it. She said that it could be their biggest hit. She was right! Kerry Livgren had gotten the idea of the lyrics when he read a book of Native American poetry. The line that caught his attention was “For All We Are Is Dust In The Wind.”

How to Play Dust in the Wind

In order to properly play this song, there are two things that you need to know and get familiar with. First are the chords. The song do have a lot of chords and chord variation for C major and Aminor. But once you know the pattern, it is easy to memorize the order.

Dust in the Wind Guitar Chords

Here are some of the chords: Intro C CM7 C9 C Am9, Asus4, Am, Am9 C9 C CM7 C9 Am Am9 Asus4 Am, G/B C C G/B Am– G Dm Am–, G/B (x2) Second and probably the more important one is the finger pattern used. Once you know the finger pattern, everyone who hear you play this will immediately know that it is “Dust in the Wind“. So, please watch the video above and learn the song! It is a great practice piece for the right hand.

Know How to Play Dust In The Wind By Kansas

The song Dust In The Wind is a popular on among guitarists which was composed by the band Kansas. The melodious song uses unforgettable guitar riffs, which is a great finger exercise for new learners. It is an excellent composition by the band because it uses only three notes throughout the song but uses multiple finger picking techniques to add a touch of complexity.   At first glance, the song will sound as if it was performed using a 12-string guitar but the band actually performed it using two six string guitars. An additional layer to the song has been brilliantly added using a violin and a viola. The song is quite complicated in terms of style yet it is simple enough for new learners.  

Know The Chords To Play Dust In The Wind

The main chords used to play the song include A sus 2, A sus 4, Am open, C9, C open, C add9 Root6, Cmaj7 open, Dm open and G/B. The step by step instructions will make it easy to learn the song for beginners.  

Why We Say Dust In The Wind By Kansas Is An Excellent Song? 1.    The song Dust In The Wind is an all-time favorite for guitarists worldwide. 2.    The acoustic sound combined with lilting lyrics makes it a song that is nice to listen to besides being thought provoking. 3.    The violin and viola harmony used in it makes it extremely impressive. What Classifies Dust In The Wind By Kansas as Medium Difficulty and a Great Song To Learn? The song is a great choice for beginners and intermediates who like to enhance their finger picking skills. It uses only three notes throughout the run time and has been performed by two guitarists on two six string guitars. They have used Nashville and standard tuning in each one of them which makes them sound like a single tone. It features a distinctive melody that is addictive and memorable.  


Learn More About Kansas The American progressive rock band Kansas became popular during the 1970s. They are well known for their rock compositions which are usually mingled with symphonic arrangements that lift their songs to a new level. Their hit singles include Dust In The Wind and Carry On Wayward Son. The group’s original members were changed and reformed later.


The Album Dust In The Wind Came From The song Dust In The Wind belongs to the album Point of Know Return which was officially released in 1977. It was the fifth rock album released by the band Kansas and it attained critical success by selling 4 million copies in the U.S.

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