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cats in the cradleThis song, originally by Harry Chapman, is one of my favorite song of all time. Although I the Ugly Kid Joe version is the one that I first listen to, credits goes to Harry and his wife for writing this wonderful song.

On this post, we will learn how to play Cats in the Cradle. We will break down the intro riff note by note and the fingering and the plucking and stuff.

Then we will also learn the chords and the strumming pattern for the song. This lesson or tutorial will be for the Ugly Kid Joe version.

How to Play Cats in the Cradle Intro Part

Here’s how you play the intro part or intro riff of the song. Of course these are played over the chords of the song.

You will be playing this over the E major chord. Strum it, the whole 6 strings and start the riff on the 9th fret on the 3rd string (the E note).

What I usually do for this song is to use both the picking fingers and the free style type.

Also, once technique I can show you here is to use constant up and down stroke or picking since most of the notes in this intro part is 8th notes.

All you got to do is to measure each beat on each bar.

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