In this article we will be talking about one of the big 8 in terms of open guitar chords. Yes, this one will be the first position, open position one.

The key of C is the natural of all musical keys – meaning no sharps nor flats – and so the same for the notes of the C Chord.

It is very important to know how to play this chord and also know the notes in that key.

C chordThe C Chord is a little stretchy as well. Your fretting finger will have to spread from the first to the third fret! It is hard, no question about that. In fact, when I was starting out and learning all these chords, the C chords is one of the hardest one I ever practiced (in an open position).

But fret not (no pun).. worry not. If you practice and persevere, a week from you know will tell yourself that the C chord is not at all that hard to play.

How to Play C Chord

Here’s the fingering for that elusive C chord.

First finger goes in the first fret of the second string. Make sure to use the tip of your finger and to round or arc your fingers up to avoid touching the high E string.

Second finger goes in the second fret of the fourth string. So far, those two fingers is easy.

This third one is the hard one specially if you just met this chord for the first time. You will have to stretch your fingers real wide here. Put the third finger on the third fret of the fifth string. That will be the root note of the chord – C.

Some more tips in Fretting the C Chord /Possible Problems to Encounter with the C Chord

Nobody told me these tips when I was starting out. You are so lucky to have me *wink*. Here are some more tips in doing the C Chord:

  • Remember to slightly touch the 6th string with your third finger. This is to prevent that lower E string to ring out. Our root note is C, and that is the note where our 3rd string is pressing.
  • Don’t let your fretting hand to be ‘too square’. Try to slant it up a bit. Vertical fretting fingers will strain your hand
  • Remember to make your fretting fingers in a round shape. This is to avoid them touching the other strings.

Remember, the C chords may look and feel difficult at first, but believe you me, it will get easier in time. Practice, practice and practice.

Below are some songs that uses the C chord. After learning how to fret it, try learning some of the songs listed below

Famous Songs with C Chord

Check it out: