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brown sugar

how to play brown sugar rolling stonesAfter “Satisfaction“, I am actually expecting to blog about “Angie”. I think those are my only 2 Rolling Stones songs that I know and that I know how to play.

But after browsing around and asking the visitors of this site, I found out that they would like to know how to play “Brown Sugar” first instead of Angie or any other Stone’s song.

So this post is all about Brown Sugar. If you would like to learn how to play Brown Sugar, I really recommend you watch the tutorial video from beginning to end as the instructor explains how to play the blues style rhythm pattern and the 2nd guitar doing the riffs.

This is a fairly easy song to play but like any Keith Richards guitar works, you need to do more practice to  perfect this little song.

Here are some facts about the song so that you can appreciate the lyrics and the writing style more.

The lyrics are about slaves from Africa who were sold in New Orleans and raped by their white masters. The subject matter is quite serious, but the way the song is structured, it comes off as a fun rocker about a white guy having sex with a black girl.

Mick Jagger actually said that he probably wont write such lyrics/songs in today’s time. “I would probably censor myself”, he was quoted on saying.

brown sugar

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