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how to play black dogI have been meaning to post a tutorial video about this Led Zeppelin song but since I do not personally know this song and the riff, I had put it off.

Today I decided to include this on my list of want-to-know guitar riff and hopefully I will eventually learn this classic song from one of the best selling albums of all time (Led Zeppelin 4).

How to play “Black Dog”

How To Play Black Dog By Led Zeppelin On Guitar by mahalodaily

Album: Led Zeppelin 4
Released: 1971
Charted in the US at number 15

Few facts and fun trivia about the song that you may want to know before we start learning how to play this classic lick.

  • John Paul Jones (the Bassist) wrote the riff to ‘Black Dog’ on the back of a train ticket which I unfortunately don’t have.”
  • There was a black dog (no name) running around outside of the recording studio and that’s where the title of the song came from but the song has nothing to do with it Jimmy Page said the riff was very difficult to play. (But as you can see from the lesson today, its fairly easy :)
  • This contains some complicated time signatures arranged by Jones, which Bonham ignored, playing a steady 4/4 beat instead (Jones thinks that is what made the song work).

How to Play Black Dog

Mahalo has this great tutorial on how to play this song so that’s the one I embed on this post. But I will make my own version of the video and replace this one soon. The new one will have a much better looking dude playing the guitar – Me.

This is an awesm eiff and so much fun to play.

So we start at the 7th fret of the 5th string (A) then 5th on the D string and start to climb up… that is, 5, 6 and 7th fret on the D string. (you can refer to the image/tablature).

You gonna go back down to the original note. That’s basically the basis of the entire riff.


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