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how to play be like thatThe next 3DD song that we will learn how to play is from their fourth single on their first album “The Better Life”. It charted in the US charts as high as 24.

According to Brad Arnolds, the lead singer of 3 Doors Down, he wrote the verses and the choruses at two completely different times. He then eventually puts the two together and the result is this amazing song about following one’s dream.

Album "The Better Life" by 3 Doors Down
Album: The Better Life
Released: 2000

How to Play Be Like That on Guitar

Here’s how.. you nee to know the open 4 finger G major chord, the D major chord and the E minor (Em).

Once you know the chords, you need to know the picking pattern of the rhythm. Just like any other ‘ballad’ soft song from 3 Doors Down, you start of with a plucking, arpeggio-type picking.

G Major Chord notes

For this song, you’ll be picking the bass root note followed by the next root note one octave higher and the 5th. For the G major chord, the first four notes are G (3rd fret on 6th string), G (G open 3rd string), D (open 4rht string) and finally the G high E string which is on the 3rd fret.

Still holding the 4 finger G major chord position, you then pluck down the strings B (D note, since its on the 3rd fret)  G, D.

D Major Chord notes

The next chord is actually a D9 chord. It is like a D major chord with an open high E string. That means from the D major chord position, you lift your second finger to open up that high E string.

The plucking pattern is the same. First the bass root not (D) followed by the octave D note on the second string (3rd fret) and downward to A note, 2nd fret on the G string.

After that you pluck downward from E string, B string (D note) to G string (A note). Remember that is still on the D9 chord form.

E minor (Em) Chord notes

For the Em, its different. You pick the E root note, then the B note on the A string (2nd fret) followed by the open string on the G and then the D note on the 2nd fret.

What follows is the open high E string, the D note on the 2nd string and release that note to have an open B string.

C Major Chord notes

The last chord for the intro is the C major. This one you do arpeggio plucking from the C root bass downward. Tha’t C note (3rd fret), E (d string), open G, and C. Then pluck from high E string to the open G.

That’s it, go try it now and let me know if you have any issue with the intro.

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