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Thunderstruck by AC/DC is one of the most searched and requested guitar riff online. That is the reason that we are featuring this song here in this lesson.

I, myself do not know how to play the riff. So, you and me, let’s start learning how to play Thunderstruck!

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how to play thunderstruckI think the intro riff is a great exercise as well if you need to build up your plucking speed. What the Angus (the lead guitarists of AC/DC) is doing is playing a certain melody in the 2nd string and playing it over the open B-string. It’s like a melody inside the melody, right? You will just be adding the open B note/string in each of those riff notes.

Notes are mostly 16th notes… yeah, moderately fast. Practice it slowly and gradually build up the speed. It will surely help if you have a metronome or just simple tapping your foot will greatly help with your left and right hand coordination.

This song is included in their “The Razor’s Edge” CD and was released in 1990. It reached number 13 on the UK Charts.

Anyway, here’s how to play the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC on guitars.

How to Play Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Important thing to note here before playing the intro of the song. This is all on the B string (2nd string).

You will also be utilizing a guitar technique known as the pull-offs.

The rhythm section basically pick the 4th and 7th fret of the 2nd strings and after each pick, the fretting hand will be doing a pull-off producing the second note.

This may sound like a fast picking song but it actually just sounds in double time because of the pull-off.

Watch the video to understand how to play this song!

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