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Yeah! Our very first song by The Doors! And I am sorry but it’s not “Light My Fire“. Maybe next time… Please do remind me. :)

roadhouse bluesOn this post we’ll take that bluesy guitar riff on their famous song called “Roadhouse Blues“.

So anyway, a quick fact about the song courtesy of Wikipedia – “Roadhouse Blues” is a blues rock song written and recorded by the American rock band The Doors. The song, which appeared on the B-side of “You Make Me Real”,[1] was first released as a single from the album Morrison Hotel in March 1970 and peaked at #50 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Let’s get it on!

How to Play Roadhouse Blues

The whole song is based on the blues. Well, it is a called Roadhouse Blues that’d gave it away.

It has a couple of little chords, nice little shuffles, few hammer-ons, slides, guitar bends and a lot of repetitions. This is perfect for beginners as well that needs left and right hand practice.

A couple of notes that pumps on the low E strings is the start. You will need to make use of your right palm to pause the sound. This is NOT the palm muting technique. The right hand palm merely chopping the sounds out and not allowing it to ring out.

You then count the notes… 1 and 2 and 3 and… open A string, hammer on the frist and second fret on that A string. Basically that’s One pluck, three notes. One tip is to use the very tip of your finger.

the second time, you’ll do it on the D string. That’s (one the low E string), 1 and 2 and 3 and… (open D string), pluck — hammer first fret, hammer on to the second fret. Again, one pluck for 3 notes.

Watch the video above and give it a try.

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