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So you are thinking of getting an account on Guitar Tricks? You’re in luck! Today’s review is going to be an in-dept tour of Guitar Tricks (

I’m going to describe you the the member’s only area to give you a better picture of what this guitar course/website is and how it can help you with your guitar learning venture.

What is Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is a very popular online community of guitar players and those soon-to-be guitar players.

They have been providing guitar lessons online over the internet since 1995. So, I am confident to say that these guys really provide an amazing guitar learning course. Heck, they are teaching how to play guitar even before Youtube was born.

Since then, the site has evolved and become a very large community with tons of people in the forum discussing and sharing tips in how to play their favorite guitar piece, riff, licks etc. And that is just an add-on. The site actually have over 5,000 video lessons so far. They actually add new videos every week and I know they are working on more songs and developing more tools to help us master this amazing instrument.guitartricks-review

Guitar Tricks Structure

The entire structure of Guitar Tricks member’s only are is based on the navigation that you can find on the left part of the dashboard.

Everything you need to get started can be found there. They have a lot of different sections but the core learning center is definitely the most important part.

The Core Learning System is the mind map, the whole picture, or a site map of what you are going to learn with the system. It will walk you through all the different part of the website.

Inside you can see the different genre styles. And then there you got the guitar fundamentals broken down to level one and level two.

For me, in my case, I have been playing a guitar for a number of years now and honestly, I skipped a number of videos on this Guitar Fundamentals section.

But these are a nice one to have. Basically if you are a total newbie or you are shopping for a guitar lesson for you 9 year old son, these videos will greatly help in learning to play the guitar by learning the fundamentals. Those videos will walk you through everything a person needs to begin playing the guitar.

Of the these chapters has a video and a supplemental text explaing more information about that particular lesson.

Here are some features that they have on each chapter in the Guitar Tricks member’s are:

  • A very nice video player with AV looping (watch the video to further learn about the AV looping feature)
  • Abookmarking tool to save a lesson
  • Ability to print and/or download lessons
  • 45 instructors on all kinds of genres
  • Lessons categorized by popularity, difficulty, most recently added.

Learning Songs Section

IN learning songs, you build confidence in every songs tha tyou learn. If you click on the song in that section, the page will tell you what you will learn, what is included and other content of the lessons taht you need to learn.

So if you have mastered teh intro part of the song and just need to learn the solo bit, you can click on a link that puts you on that lesson part.

guitartricks-AndersGainLessonThe videos are structured that are very similar to all other chapters or part of the dashboard. So that means you can see the lesson navigation on the right, the video on the top part and the supplemental infomratiomal text at the bottom of the video.

Break down by section
well recorded, High defintition, an option for low def.
a lot of content that walk you throgh step by step.. verse, pre cohrous, bridge and ending a good way to do it.

The next part  – Jam Section – a good way to learn solo

there a lot of little stuff from this little section, tons of well broken down genre and jam tracks.. let i play and play solo with it. comapred to a band, you dont have to get embarrased if you are out of sync.

Scale Finder

Scale Finder is a nifty little tool if you have progressed from learning chords to learning different scales on the guitar fretboard. This cool application has a very powerful setup nevertheless it is a great application.

The tool’s interface will actually show you the entire guitar fretboard as well as the position of the notes represented by the dots. More information are shown like the directions (recommended) way of plucking the notes either up or down and also the different pattern of notes for each scale throughout the fretboard.


Metronome is a good aid but not that exciting huh? But nevertheless every musician should have one of it. It is no doubt and no argument that is not a huge deal but it is a useful tool specially if you are working on your timing and pace.

Chord Findter

The Chord Finder has a very similar setup with the Scale Finder only instead of showing you the different note position of each note of a scal, the Chord Finder will show you the proper fingering or finger position of the left hand on the Fingerboard.

The application will also show you the different position of a particular chord all throughout the guitar fingerboard.

I like how they design the app. Like I said, it shows each individual note.. by finger numbers. This will definitely help you out specially if you are building your guitar chord vocabulary.


Not much explanation on this part of the member’s are. Like I mentioned before, Guitar Tricks has a huge community. There are tons of members having a lot of discussions on a daily basis.

There are tons of discussion all the time, big group people.. If you post a question, expect at least 12 answers from different people. It may come from one of the 45 instructors that are online or it could be from other members of Guitar Tricks that are very helpful and willing to assists any member. Great, great community.

Guitar Tricks Review Verdict

Simply put, Guitar Tricks is the one of the pioneering online guitar lesson provide. They have been around for more than a decade and they are still growing. It only proves that what they do works and people are learning from them.

Personally, I say it is worth taking the 14-day Risk Free (and money FREE) trial today! You may need to input your credit card details but it will not get billed if you are unhappy with their service.

If you decide you dont need it or that the lessons do not work on you, you can shoot them an email and request to cancel.. that easy.

If you do want to try them out and take my word for it – CLICK HERE now.