Ed Sheeran – PERFECT | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) How to play Chords

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how to play ed sheeran

On this post we will learn how to play “PERFECT” as popularized by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran – PERFECT | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) How to play Chords

Perfect” is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran from his third studio album, ÷ (2017).

How to Play PERFECT – Transcription:

Today we are checking out how to Play Perfect by Ed Sheeran. So this is one of his new songs from his new album, and it’s very beautiful and it’s very easy to play.

You just need a capo on the first fret. And that way we have some simple Chords that we can use throughout the whole song.

So let’s start with the words over here.

We start with the G, E minor7, C9, and then D. So for G, we’re just using top string, third fret. And we’re using third fret on the second string as well. All right.

Now when you’re playing the second string, you’re going to play the third string along with it. So third string is open and second string is third fret.

So when on G, you’re first picking the top string and then you’re picking the second and third strings together twice. All right.

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And that’s going to be your picking pattern over here once again, just continue playing.

That going to pay that total of four times for each chord. So I’m sure you have 1234 the next time you come on E minor. And over here you just need open on the top string. Right.

For now, you’re not using those notes over there. So just have open on the top string. And this remains the same over here.

Next time you move to C over here. And now the base note comes on the fifth string. So you have same third fret, but on the fifth string and this remains the same. All right. So now you pick the fifth string and then the second and third strings together twice, and you’re going to do that again four times.

So 1234 and then you come to D and on D, you just have second fit on the third string, third fret on second string, second fit on the first string as well. And you can just pick now the base note is on the fourth string. Right. The fourth string is open and this remains same again, picking the second and third strings together. 1234.

Now what you can also do is you can go on the first string as well. So we have second fit on the first string. And this sounds really beautiful to me. Swap. You can pick fourth string and then first and second strings together.


  1. And what you can also do is you can do a hammer on from your second fret to third fret on the first string with the help of your little finger over here. Then go back on D like that. So one, two, third time you can do the hammer on and then go back to fourth time. So 1234.

Alright, then you come back to God.

And now when you come to the prechorus of the song. Now, when you come to the prechorus, you’re going to have same coordination from G to E minor to C. But in the end, you have another chain between. And then you come to T. That will sound like this.

We were just catching after C at 91234, you come back to G over here. One, two just for two counts over there. So one, two. And then you come to three, four on three, four, you come back to D major. Once again, we will just catch one with this time from C, go straight to D.

how to play ed sheeran guitar

And then you come to the chorus of the song. All right. Now, in the chorus, the chord progression changes a bit. You know, the hard bill chord already. It’s E minus seven to C.

And then from J to day on the top screen. And again. So you’re just doing two counts on each chord now. All right. We were doing four counts in the verse here in the chorus, we’re just going to do two counts on each chord.

So one, two come straight to C, three, four, two and D. One, two. That’s you can do this four times in the second time.

Let’s transition in the very end that you hear in the song. So I hope you know, the four times you’re playing E minor to C, G and D will learn that. Let’s take a look at the very end. What happens is this all right. So we’re here.

What we’re doing is removing from G. So what I’m picking is I’m picking the top string, picking the third string open. Picking the second string, third fit.

After that, you just change the base note. One fit down. All right. So now you have second fit on the top string. This remains same third string and second string.

So one, two.

And after that, you have to come to open on the top string. Three. All right. So after that, you come to fourth string open. So fourth string is open, third string is open, and second string is third fret.

So 1234. All right. Now you come over here, C at nine.

So C at nine, you know how to build this car. Third fret on the fifth string. Now you have second fit on the fourth string as well. Right. Third string is open.

What are you going to do is going to pick the fifth string, fourth string, third string, then second string, third string, fourth string. So string number 54323, four. Right. And right in the very end, you come to D major. Just strum over there.

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