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The rolling stones

Angie - Guitar TabsThe song Angie is an acoustic driven ballad written and performed by the band Rolling Stones. The lyrics of the song has a sad note to it and it describes the end of a romantic relationship.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are the band members who wrote this song which has been performed multiple times during live events and has been covered by other bands as well.

Nicky Hopkins composed the unique piano chords section of the composition while Nicky Harrison was the man behind the strings. A distinctive Jagger’s vocal guide track can be faintly heard in the song. It was the first song by Rolling Stones that showed their emotional side.

What Makes Angie By The Rolling Stones A Great Song?

1. The ballad features a distinctive melody and touching lyrics.
2. The acoustic driven song adds element to the lyrics and creates a sense of mood.
3. The song is the first emotive composition by The Rolling Stones and very unique compared to their other Rock Hard songs.

How to Play Angie

Here’s how you play Angie…

Why Angie By The Rolling Stones Is Classified As Medium On Guitar

The song gives the guitarist an opportunity to use the standard chord progression and give it a personal touch. It has powerful lyrics that showcases the end of a romance which everyone can relate to and listen with interest. The tempo delivers a lot of emotion and the song is an ideal choice for guitarists to learn finger picking.

The History of The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones was formed in 1962,, They have a strong fan following in Europe, UK and North America. The band has released 22 studio albums in the United Kingdom and 24 albums in USA. Over 200 million albums in their composition has been sold worldwide.

The Album Angie Came From

The song Angie comes from the album Goat’s Head Soup which was released in 1973. The album was the follow up to the critically successful Exile on Main Street. It reflected the evolution of the band because this album was more polished and had an emotional feel to it than Exile with a soulful rock sound.

“Angie” Guitar Chords

The main chords to play Angie Am, C open, Dm , E open, F 6, and G major. The step by step instructions will make it easy for guitarists to understand the chords and play the song.

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