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This blog contains a collection of guitar riffs that I know and play myself for pleasure and to pass time.

The post is a detailed explanation on how to play a particular riff. As much as I can I even try to record and show you on video how to play the riff note by note and hoping that each of my riff here will also be included in your own guitar vocabulary.

Aside from video, the post will also have some images (usually tabs of the riffs or part of it).

I also reference Songsterr.com a lot because I know it is a great resource for guitarists of any level, specially us riff collectors :)

I am also a long time member of Guitar Tricks. GT is a great guitar site for both beginners and advanced guitar players. It has a 14 day trial but you can signup for free and check out the free lessons. It’s only 14.95$ a month for unlimited video lessons but its free to join and mingle in the forum.

Some of my guitarist friends ask me why let my visitors leave my site and redirecting them to Songsterr? I told them that surprisingly, most of them come back here and still continue tow browse around my collection of riffs.


Its probably the way I teach on how to play them or maybe they learn a technique or two on proper fingering, strumming, picking, my approach on music theory. I am not sure, who kmiws? ( I do plan to put up a survey about it)

So anyway, welcome to my blog and hope that you learn a riff or two from my collections.

If you want to be updatef on whays going on with the blog, subscribe to it, like my fb, follow me on twitter, whatever works for you :)

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